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Some of the features we're proud of
Blazing Fast
Great Community
Fun Events
Lag-free experience
Custom Plugins
Simply Amazing

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But the best thing of all... the ranks are global!

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Hero Rank

Just started and need a boost?

This rank includes:
  • You keep XP on death
  • You can put any block as a hat
  • You can set 3 homes
  • You get money, XP and more
  • You can repair items!!
  • Various kits, perks and more!

Don't hesitate and get yours today!

3,75 EUR

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God Rank

Nothing is above God!

This rank includes:
  • Everything that Master includes
  • You get a LOT of homes
  • You can use Fly, No AFK timer...
  • You earn more mcMMO
  • Chat Color and Nicknames
  • Various OP kits and more!

As close to God as you can get. Buy yours today!

59,75 EUR

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Meet the Owner / Developer Team

We're kind, we promise
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Owner / Germanode
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Owner / madsterplpl1
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Head-Builder / jsu2

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